SUMMARY: Two extracellular glucoamylases (EC, glucoamylase P and glucoamylase S, were purified to homogeneity from the culture medium of (ATCC 20495; formerly ) by a new method. Their apparent molecular masses (71 kDa glucoamylase P; 78 kDa glucoamylase S) and catalytic properties agreed well with those previously reported in the literature. Heat inactivation studies suggested that the high debranching (1,6-glycosidic) activity of glucoamylase P preparations (measured with pullulan) may reside in the same protein molecule as its 1,4-glycosidic activity (measured with soluble starch). Although glucoamylase S had virtually no debranching activity, it cross-reacted with polyclonal antibodies raised against glucoamylase P, and the two enzymes had very similar amino acid compositions. However, peptide mapping and amino-terminal sequencing studies of the peptides showed that the two enzymes have different sequences and must be encoded by different genes.


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