SUMMARY: In order to facilitate studies on the maintenance of cryptic plasmids from Gram-positive bacteria we have constructed a novel cassette cAPG1000 (5·0kb) which carries both a selectable marker (chloramphenicol resistance from plasmid pC194) and a screenable marker (the gene from the TOL plasmid of expressed from a cloned promoter of phage SPO2) and which is flanked by terminators to prevent transcription from the cassette activating or inhibiting loci adjacent to the site of insertion. To demonstrate the usefulness of this cassette we have mapped loci required for stable maintenance of an 8·6 kb cryptic plasmid endogenous to (pPOD2000) from the properties of cAPG1000 insertion and insertion/deletion derivatives. We have identified the replication region as well as separate regions required for segregational and structural stability. The segregational mechanism is very efficient since it allows no detectable loss despite the fact that bacteria carrying the plasmid have a greatly increased mean generation time.


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