Summary: A numerical taxonomic analysis was performed on 79 phenotypic characters of 147 imperfect yeast species currently assigned to the genus The characters used were drawn from two monographs on yeast taxonomy. The analysis revealed 10 clusters of three or more species that were similar at the level of 75% or more, and seven clusters containing only one or two species. None of the 10 major clusters contained exclusively species that were traditionally assigned to the genus , while the 12 species of basidiomycetous affinity fell into three clusters with only one species of ascomycetous affinity included. Statistical determination of the five most important differential characters for each cluster failed to show the property of pseudomycelium/mycelium formation as significant for any cluster. The study provides no evidence to support a distinction between taxa that were formerly divided between the genera and and supports previous proposals that these genera should be fused.


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