SUMMARY: Bacteriophage JHJ-1 was isolated from strain 367 NRRL 12045 as an endogenous but virulent phage. The plaque size was not self-limiting, since a few p.f.u. could completely lyse a lawn. Electron microscopy showed that this phage belonged to group B of Bradley's morphological classification. The JHJ-1 genome is a linear DNA molecule of 41.1 kbp with cohesive ends and a G + C content of 68.8-70.0 mol%. The DNA cleavage was established for 12 restriction endonucleases. The host range is apparently very narrow, being limited to two strains of (NRRL 12045 and NRRL B-5792). However, JHJ-1 did not lytically infect 367 UC 8106. Phage JHJ-1 was shown, by Southern blot analysis, to lysogenize both strain 367 UC 8106. It thus appears to behave as a virulent mutant of a temperate phage on one, but not on the other, JHJ-1 lysogen.


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