SUMMARY: Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) isolated from and were analysed for their chemical composition, molecular heterogeneity and immunological properties. All the LPS preparations contained heptose, 3-deoxy-D--2-octulosonic acid, glucosamine, uronic acid, phosphate and fatty acids. The fatty acids C14:0, C16:0 and βOHC14:0 were common to all the LPS preparations. LPS from strains additionally contained isoC16:0, those from contained isoC14:0 and isoC16:0, and those from contained C16:1. By SDS-PAGE, LPS from had two bands of low molecular mass, and the LPS from and showed low molecular mass bands together with a ladder arrangement of high molecular mass bands. Immunodiffusion, quantitative agglutination and ELISA demonstrated that the LPS from strains reacted with antisera prepared against whole cells of and ; LPS from reacted with antisera to and , and LPS from reacted with anti-whole cell serum raised against any of the three species. From these results, it is concluded that LPS from has structures in common with LPS from and , while the LPS from and are serologically entirely different from each other.


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