SUMMARY: The nucleotide sequence of the gene () encoding the thermostable α-amylase-pullulanase of was determined. An open reading frame of 4425 bp was present. The deduced polypeptide ( 165600), including a 31 amino acid putative signal sequence, comprised 1475 amino acids, with no cysteine residues. The structural gene was preceded by the consensus promoter sequence TTGACA TATAAT, a putative regulatory sequence and a putative ribosome-binding sequence AAAGGGGG. The codon usage resembled that of genes. The deduced sequence of the mature product showed similarities to various amylolytic enzymes, especially the neopullulanase of , whereas the signal sequence showed similarity to those of the α-amylases of and . Three regions thought to be highly conserved in the primary structure of α-amylases could also be distinguished in the product, two being partly ‘duplicated’ in this α-1,4/α-1,6-active enzyme.


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