SUMMARY: Ninety-one strains of , including representatives of all the established DNA homology groups, related round-spored and oval-spored species, and six strains pathogenic for mosquito larvae, were examined for 155 characters. Numerical analyses (Jaccard coefficient/average linkage clustering) based on the 88 variable features revealed 14 clusters at the 79% similarity level that contained more than one strain and 17 single member clusters. All insect pathogenic strains were recovered in a single cluster and the classification was in accord with an established classification based on DNA sequence homology. Two frequency matrices for probabilistic identification were constructed and tested. A comprehensive matrix comprising 14 mesophilic, round-spored taxa and 27 tests gave good results for identification of hypothetical median organisms, cluster overlap and identifications of representative strains (based on data generated in the classification study). Reference strains for the 14 taxa and eight additional insect pathogenic strains were examined for the 27 tests and were correctly identified with high scores using this matrix. A second matrix comprising seven taxa and 13 tests also performed well in the theoretical evaluation and correctly identified the reference strains and insect pathogenic strains.


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