SUMMARY: The genes from and , encoding 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate phospholyase (chorismate synthase) were cloned in and their DNA sequences were determined. The gene from was isolated from a cosmid gene bank by complementation of an mutant. The corresponding gene was isolated from a pBR322 gene bank by colony hybridization using DNA encoding the gene from as a hybridization probe. Analysis of the nucleotide sequence revealed that both genes have an open reading frame capable of encoding proteins comprising 361 amino acids. The calculated molecular mass of the protein from is 39108 Da while that of the protein from is 39138 Da. Homology is particularly strong between the coding regions of the genes: 95% when protein sequences are compared, and 83% when DNA sequences are examined. Use of a deletion variant of the gene demonstrates that the C-terminal 36 amino acids are not essential for the correct folding or functional activity of the chorismate synthase enzyme.


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