Summary: The location of phytoene desaturease, an enzyme in the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway, has been investigated in the photosynthetic organisms SB 1003, PCC 6714, and ATCC 29413. A post-embedding immunogold electyron microscopy procedure using a polyclonal antibody against a phytoene desaturase fusion protein was employed. For all three species most of the gold particles (about 85% in the case of and ) were associated with the photosynthetic membreanes. Other parts of the were only randomly and not significanlty labelled. When the anti-phytoene desatuase antibody was omitted, or when pre-immune serum was used, no gold deposition was observed. phytoene desaturase reactions, especially with purified thylakoid membranes from , confirmed the nature of phytoene as an integral protein of the thylakoid membrane.


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