SUMMARY: The utilization of guanidino and ureido compounds was studied in several species. Multiple routes of agmatine catabolism were found. All members of the homology group I of use the initial deamination of agmatine to carbamoylputrescine which is subsequently converted to putrescine. In , the catabolism of agmatine can also occur via an initial hydrolysis of the amidino group to putrescine catalyzed by an agmatine amidinohydrolase. A third pathway was found in , namely oxidative deamination producing guanidinobutyraldehyde catalyzed by agmatine dehydrogenase, followed by formation of guanidino-butyrate and removal of urea by guanidinobutyrate amidinohydrolase to produce 4-aminobutyrate. Novel amidino-hydrolases were characterized in P. for the utilization of arcaine and audouine, and in for arcaine, homoarginine and guanidinovalerate. Guanidinovalerate amidinohydrolase was also detected in . Some of these amidinohydrolases accept more than one substrate, e.g. guanidinobutyrate and guanidinovalerate utilization by and , the catabolism of arcaine and audouine by , and the degradation of arcaine and homoarginine by .


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