SUMMARY: 5S rRNA sequences were determined for the green sulphur bacteria and , for , which is a relative of the green non-sulphur bacteria, and for sp. and , organisms allotted to the phylum ‘’ and relatives as determined by 16S rRNA analyses. By using a clustering algorithm a dendrogram was constructed from these sequences and from all other known eubacterial 5S RNA sequences. The dendrogram showed differences, as well as similarities, with respect to results obtained by 16S RNA analyses. The 5S RNA sequences of green sulphur bacteria were closely related to one another, and to a cluster containing 5S RNA sequences from and its relatives, including 5S RNA sequences of all other representatives of the ‘’ phylum as distinguished by 16S RNA analysis failed to group with and related clusters. On the basis of 5S RNA sequences, clustered with , as was expected from 16S RNA analysis.


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