SUMMARY: 16S ribosomal RNAs (rRNA) of 12 methylotrophic bacteria have been almost completely sequenced to establish their phylogenetic relationships. Methylotrophs that are physiologically related are phylogenetically diverse and are scattered among the purple eubacteria (class Proteobacteria). Group I methylotrophs can be classified in the β-and the γ-subdivisions and group II methylotrophs in the α-subdivision of the purple eubacteria, respectively. Pink-pigmented facultative and non-pigmented obligate group II methylotrophs form two distinctly separate branches within the α-subdivision. The secondary structures of the 16S rRNA sequences of ‘’ strain OBBP, ‘’ strain OB3b, ‘’ strain 81Z and sp. strain DM2 are similar, and these non-pigmented obligate group II methylotrophs form one tight cluster in the α-subdivision. The pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs, strain AM1, sp. strain DM4 and strain XX form another cluster within the α-subdivision. Although similar in phenotypic characteristics, strain XX and strain AM1 are clearly distinguishable by their 16S rRNA sequences. The group I methylotrophs, strain AS1 and methylotrophic species DM11, which do not utilize methane, are similar in 16S rRNA sequence to bacteria in the β-subdivision. The methane-utilizing, obligate group I methanotrophs, strain BATH and , are placed in the γ-subdivision. The results demonstrate that it is possible to distinguish and classify the methylotrophic bacteria using 16S rRNA sequence analysis.


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