SUMMARY: Denitrification by and was studied using quadrupole membrane-inlet mass spectrometry to measure simultaneously and continuously dissolved gases. Evidence was provided for aerobic denitrification by both species: in the presence of O, N production increased in , while that of N decreased; with , the concentrations of both N and N increased on introducing O into the gas phase. Disappearance of NO was monitored in anaerobically and aerobically grown cells which were maintained either anaerobically or aerobically: the rate and extent of NO utilization by both species depended on growth and maintenance conditions. The initial rate of disappearance was most rapid under completely anaerobic conditions, and lowest rates occurred when cells were grown anaerobically and maintained aerobically. In nitrogen balance experiments both species converted over 87% of the added NO to N and N under both anaerobic and aerobic maintenance conditions.


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