SUMMARY: Analyses were made of the fatty-acyl composition of phospholipids from each of two strains of and grown aerobically. Residues of C, C and C predominated in phospholipids from strains of the first yeast, while phospholipids from Z. contained mainly C, C and C residues. NCYC 431, grown anaerobically in media supplemented with ergosterol and C, C, C, C, C or C fatty acids, contained phospholipids enriched with residues of the exogenously provided acid, to a greater extent with shorter chain than longer chain acids. A plot of the permeability coefficient for sulphite, derived from Woolf-Eadie plots, against the degree of unsaturation in phospholipids (expressed as Δ mol value) showed that the coefficient was greater the lower the degree of unsaturation in the phospholipids. A plot of the permeability coefficient against values for the mean fatty-acyl chain length divided by the Δ mol value, which is an approximation of the cross-section surface area of a phospholipid molecule, showed that the permeability coefficient tended to increase the greater the surface-area value.


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