SUMMARY: Studies were made of the growth kinetics, morphology and phospholipid composition of two strains , a wild-type strain (A3/5) and a highly branched variant (C106) which arose spontaneously during cultivation of A3/5. No significant difference was observed between the hyphal diameters of the two strains and therefore increased branching of C106 could not be explained in the terms of an increase in hyphal radius in the absence of a change in hyphal growth unit volume. The two strains had the same specific growth rate in batch culture and this was not affected by the addition of up to 1.5 mM-choline to the medium. However, choline increased the mean hyphal extension rate and colony radial growth rate of both strains and this response was correlated with the formation of mycelia which were more sparsely branched than mycelia grown on medium lacking choline. Addition of betaine, choline, ethanolamine, monomethylethanolamine or dimethylethanolamine (but not serine, glycine, dimethylglycine, methylamine, hydroxylamine or β-hydroxyethylhydrazine) to the medium also resulted in appreciable increases in the colony radial growth rates of A3/5 (increased by about 130% for choline) and C106 (increased by about 25% for choline). No significant difference was observed between the phospholipid compositions of the two strains, and the addition of 100 μM-choline to the medium had no significant effect on the phospholipid composition of either strain.


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