SUMMARY: The synthesis of granaticin, a polyketide-derived antibiotic synthesized as a secondary metabolite by strain NCIB 10076, was studied at different growth temperatures. Quantitative measurements of the antibiotic made during batch fermentations showed that the yield was greatest at 45°C, whereas the rate of synthesis was most rapid at 37°C. The timing of the appearance of granaticin in culture could not be assigned to any particular phase of growth or to de-repression due to depletion of any particular nutrient. However, at all temperatures, appearance of the antibiotic coincided with a rise in ammoniacal nitrogen presumably due to deamination of glutamate, the carbon source for growth. We have previously shown that production of the antibiotic is pH sensitive and that some carbon sources result in higher titres than others. This paper examines the effect of temperature on the physiology of growth and on antibiotic production in more detail under conditions that also allow an exact measurement of granaticin yield.


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