Pigment was produced by cells carrying recombinant plasmids pNIL100, pNIL200 and pNIL400 containing DNA from sp. cells containing pNIL100 or pNIL200 (with DNA inserts from sp. JL10 and sp. ATCC 21145 respectively) produced both blue and pink pigments, while cells containing pNIL400 (with a DNA insert from sp. ATCC 21145) produced only pink pigment. Colonies of (pNIL100) and (pNIL200) were dark blue, whereas (pNIL400) colonies were pink. No pigment was detected in transformants containing pNIL100, pNIL200 or pNIL400. Restriction endonuclease mapping indicated that the cloned DNA fragments were different. The pigment gene(s) in pNIL200 producing both the blue and pink pigments were contained within a 2·8 kb DNA fragment. The pigments produced by transformants containing pNIL200 were characterized by visible and UV spectroscopy. No similar pigments were detected in sp. ATCC 21145.


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