SUMMARY: Two new temperate bacteriophages for , designated φRsA and φRsD, were isolated from a stock of phage φRsGl using R. strain DSM 159-2 as the indicator strain. Electron-microscopic examination showed that phage φRsA belonged to group B and phage φRsD belonged to group A of Bradley's morphological classification. Phage φRsA had a polyhedral head (50 nm in diameter) and a long, flexible, non-contractile tail (250 by 11 nm). Phage φRsD also had a polyhedral head (56 nm in diameter) and a sheathed contractile tail (160 by 18 nm). Both phages contained double-stranded DNA with cohesive ends. The size of the φRsA genome was about 40 kb and the G + C content was 72.4 mol%. The size of the φRsD genome was about 56 kb and the G + C content was approximately 72.6 mol%. Biotinylated DNA probes of phage φRsA and of phage φRsD hybridized to genomic DNA from strains Y and Si 4 but not to DNA from other sources. The host ranges of the two phages were determined using 26 strains and six strains of Phage φRsA formed plaques on DSM 159-2 only, while phage φRsD plaqued on another six strains of but not on


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