SUMMARY: The cellulase gene from coding for endoglucanase Z was subcloned into a broad-host-range plasmid pGSS33 in The recombinant pNB20 was transferred into ATCC 10988 by mobilization using the helper plasmid RP4. Plasmid pNB20 was stably maintained in and hosts. The endoglucanase gene was expressed efficiently and the level of expression was higher in than in The specific activity of the enzyme was comparable to that of the parent strain of The proteins produced by and presented identical immunological and electrophoretic properties. Biosynthesis of endoglucanase occurred during the exponential growth phase of and about 35% of the enzyme was released into the medium in the absence of detectable cell lysis. The endoglucanase appeared to be located in the periplasmic space in


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