SUMMARY: In tests, two strains of failed to parasitize colonies of f. sp. and f. sp. However, these strains were strongly mycoparasitic on and When grown in liquid cultures containing laminarin, chitin or fungal cell walls as sole carbon sources, both strains of released, 3-β-glucanase and chitinase into the medium. Higher levels of these enzymes were induced in strain T-203 than in T-35 by hyphal cell walls of When the lytic enzymes produced by T-35 were incubated with hyphal cell walls of the test fungi, more glucose and -acetyl--glucosamine was released from cell walls of and than from those of Treatment of cell walls with 2 -NaOH, protease or trypsin prior to their incubation with the lytic enzymes of significantly increased the release of glucose and -acetyl--glucosamine. The effect of these treatments on and cell walls was much lower. These results suggest that proteins in the cell walls of may make these walls more resistant than those of or to degradation by extracellular enzymes of .


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