Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were raised against , a thermophilic, saprophytic fungus that is commonly isolated from freshly harvested rice grains in Indonesia. Mice were immunized by direct injection into the peritoneum, without prior concentration, of fresh cell-free surface washings from a solid agar slant culture. Hybridoma supernatants were screened by ELISA using wells coated with a dilution of the immunogen. From one fusion 403 hybridoma clones were obtained yielding 52 cell lines secreting antibodies positive for . Twelve cell lines were re-cloned, grown in bulk and tested against other storage fungi. Most of the MAbs raised were IgM antibodies that cross-reacted with several of the storage fungi and/or uninfected rice grains. However, the IgM antibody EC6 did not recognize antigens from rice grains and cross-reacted strongly with only one other test fungus, , and partially with two others. This MAb was used to develop a highly sensitive DIPSTICK immunoassay to detect the fungus in infected grains. These assays are simple to perform, require no equipment and are suitable for field use by untrained workers.


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