Summary: The cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase (CGTase, EC gene from the alkalophilic sp. strain no. 17·1 was cloned in The cloned CGTase gene consisted of a single open reading frame which would encode a polypeptide of 713 amino acids, and the first 27 amino acid residues comprised a signal peptide. The nucleotide sequence and the amino acid sequence of this CGTase (CGTase 17-1) gene had strong homology with those of the CGTase (CGTase 38-2) gene previously cloned in our laboratory from the alkalophilic sp. strain no. 38-2, although the enzymic properties of the CGTase 17-1 were distinct from those of the CGTase 38-2. To analyse those enzymic properties further, we constructed 12 chimeric CGTases using three restriction nuclease sites and compared the enzymic properties of the chimeric CGTases. The N-terminal part of the enzyme was important for heat stability, and the pH-activity profile was influenced by both the N- and the C-terminal parts. A third segment was less important for enzymic properties.


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