Summary: A Tn insertion in the same region of the chromosome as gave rise to a mutant () with a germination phenotype similar to that of two mutants which germinate abnormally in a range of germinants. The insertion and two mutations were cotransformed with ribosomal protein genes and DNA cloned from one side of the insertion carried the 16S end of the ribosomal RNA operon These data were consistent with the order :: Insertion into the wild-type chromosome of a plasmid carrying DNA adjacent to the insertion permitted the recovery of a 1·8 kb fragment of DNA which complemented :Tn9/7and the mutations. The DNA nucleotide sequence of the region of this fragment at which Tn917 had inserted revealed a 555 bp open reading frame, preceded by a ribosome-binding site and potential σand σpromoter regions and encoding a predicted polypeptide of 21117 Da. This polypeptide was largely hydrophilic but contained a hydrophobic region at the N-terminus resembling a signal peptide.


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