Summary: We tested the transfer of several plasmids and transposons from to by filter mating. Two plasmids, pRKTV5 (pRK2013::Tn7) and pUW964 (pRKTV5::Tn5), were derived from pRK2013 - a narrow-host-range plasmid with the broad-hosfrange IncP conjugation genes. Most transconjugants obtained with pRKTV5 had Tn7 insertions in the chromosome but some had insertions of the whole plasmid. By contrast, all the transconjugants obtained with pUW964 had insertions of this plasmid or a deleted variant. pUW964 mediated low-frequency transfer of Tn7 or chromosomal markers between strains. Broad-host-range IncP plasmid RP4 (RK2) did not yield selectable transconjugants in but two plasmids derived by Tn5 insertion into a kanamycin-sensitive derivative of RP4 did yield transconjugants. pSUP1O11, a narrow-host-range p15A replicon with the RP4 region allowing mobilization by the IncP conjugation genes also yielded transconjugants while several other plasmids tested did not transfer markers to


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