Summary: nucleotide sequence of a 2777 bp DNA segment containing the gene was determined. The open reading frame of 2187 bp encoded a glutamine synthetase (GS) subunit of 729 amino acid residues with a calculated of 82827. The apparent of the GS subunit determined by SDS-PAGE was approximately 75000. A single mRNA transcription start point was identified upstream of the open reading frame. The GS subunit is approximately 270 and 400 amino acids longer than the GSI and GSII subunits, respectively, of other prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The GSI and GSII holoenzymes are dodecamers and octamers respectively, whereas the GS of is a hexamer. Although GSI and GSII subunits show amino acid similarity in five conserved regions, this similarity is not strongly conserved in the GS. The GS of is not regulated by adenylylation and lacks the adenylylation site. It also lacks the Trp residue associated with the active site in GSI and GSII enzymes from other prokaryotes and eukaryotes.


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