Summary: strain AF101 possesses a single plasmid (pAFl0l) with a molecular size of 42 MDa (69 kb). During plasmid curing experiments in strain AF101, we found that a phage (J7W-1) was induced by ethidium bromide treatment. Moreover, the phage genome (48 kb) hybridized only with pAF101 on a Southern blot of the DNA of a cleared lysate prepared from strain AF101. Comparison of the restriction patterns of pAF101 and J7W-1 phage DNA revealed that pAF101 contains not only the entire phage DNA but also a plasmid-specific DNA region. These results indicate that the J7W-1 genome has been stably integrated into pAF101 in strain AF101. Integration of the J7W-1 genome into a plasmid was also observed after phage infection of the type strain of subsp.


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