Summary: Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of extracellular pectinase and amylase isozymes of 170 mainly terverticillate strains was undertaken. The data were coded and subjected to numerical analysis. Variation in intensity of isozymes was observed in repeat analyses of some strains, although most were consistent. Variation was also observed between some representative strains of species. was more variable than and for intensity of pectinase activity. There was a correlation between the grouping of the strains on the basis of the isozymes and the species concepts only in some cases. The method proved useful for the identification of strains producing intense activity which provided clear patterns, for example, and and to a lesser extent var. and The method was also exclusionary in that some species were restricted to a particular cluster or subcluster. Amylase patterns confirmed that strains referred to as single species are not all homogeneous genetically, and that some strains are not simply haploid homokaryons. The genetic heterogeneity of the strains explains some of the problems in the systematics of the terverticillate penicillia.


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