Summary: Three broad-host-range plasmids (pRK290, pSa4 and pKT230) and one native plasmid (pPH33) were used in transformation experiments with strains T179 (serotype Al), Y216 (serotype A2)and its capsular-deficient variant Y216/NS1. No transformants were detected with either heat-shock or freeze-thaw techniques. However, by electroporation, all strains were transformed by pPH33 but not by pRK290 or pSa4. The highest frequency obtained was 91 × 10 transformants per μg of pPH33 DNA with strain Y216/NS1. Although pPH33 itself was non-transmissible by conjugation, it could be mobilized from , using the transfer function of the IncP plasmid pRK2013, into at a frequency of 0·3-2·2 × 10 per recipient cell.


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