Summary: The cell walls of NCDO 2048, NCDO 2286 and 14 isolates from cheese were shown to contain teichoic acids as the dominant non-peptidoglycan polymers. The variation in teichoic acid composition was similar to that described earlier for strains and for In NCDO 2048 a glycerol teichoic acid was found, whereas in NCDO 2286 glycerol teichoic acid existed together with mannitol teichoic acid. The occurrence of teichoic acids in the cell walls of all strains investigated constitutes a biochemical characteristic of the genus and is of chemotaxonomic relevance. The co-existence of glycerol and mannitol within the cell walls of the strains AC480 and AC577 was investigated in detail. The polyols belonged to separate polymers: a glycerol teichoic acid and a mannitol teichoic acid.


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