Summary: The nucleotide sequence of a 1124 bp fragment of the ColE5-099 plasmid which encodes colicin E5 immunity, a gene involved in colicin release from the host cell, and the 3′ end of the colicin E5 structural gene has been determined. Open reading frames corresponding to the three genes have been located by analogy with similar sequences from other E colicin plasmids. The location of these open reading frames corresponds with the position of the genes as determined by subcloning and transposon mutagenesis. The amino acid sequence of the carboxy-terminal 107 amino acid residues of the colicin E5 gene shows no homology with any other E colicin, suggesting a different mode of action in killing sensitive cells. A comparison of the nucleotide sequence of this region of the ColE5-099 plasmid with that of the equivalent region of the ColE9-J plasmid suggests a close evolutionary relationship between these two plasmids.


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