Summary: The involvement of glutamine aminotransferase activity in glutamine catabolism by under microaerophilic conditions was studied. We were able to show that there are at least two different glutamine aminotransferase activities that are differentiated genetically, by their substrate specificity (pyruvate and glyoxylate dependence), and their different modes of regulation. The pyruvate-dependent glutamine aminotransferase activity plays a major role in glutamine catabolism under microaerophilic conditions since the wild-type strain S288C showed a 10-fold higher activity in static cultures than in agitated ones. The same strain also had 3-fold higher glutaminase B activity in agitated cultures than in static ones. Pyruvate-dependent glutamine aminotransferase activity is not regulated directly by O itself since a strain showed a high activity regardless of the extent of aeration of cultures. Finally, we were able to isolate a mutant, strain CN20, derived from the strain and unable to utilize glutamine as the sole nitrogen source, which was severely affected in pyruvate-dependent but not in glyoxylate-dependent aminotransferase activity.


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