Summary: Twenty-five strains resembling ‘’ were compared by DNA-DNA hybridization, by whole-cell-derived polypeptide patterns on SDS-PAGE, and by biochemical tests. Four homology groups were revealed by DNA-DNA hybridization. DNA homology groups 1, 2 and 3 were closely related and contained the type strains NCDO 2226 (), NCDO 2227 () and NCTC 10713 (), respectively. DNA homology group 4 consisted of four strains received as variants of which were found not to be closely related to strains in groups 1-3. The data from SDS-PAGE polypeptide patterns and biochemical tests supported the recognition of three centres of variation within the ‘ group’ corresponding to DNA homology groups 1-3 and indicated that strains of DNA homology group 4 are members of an as yet undescribed species within the viridans streptococci.


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