strain CB 1809 assimilated and denitrified NO simultaneously to NH and N, respectively, when incubated under anaerobiosis. Washed cells from cultures grown in air in the presence of 5 mM-nitrate, assimilated 70% of the NO into cell-nitrogen but only after a lag of 10 h during which time NO accumulated. In washed cells grown at 2% (v/v) O with 5 mM-nitrate, NO was denitrified to N (95%) in 1-2 h. The low O tension in the culture medium resulted in increased activity of nitrate and nitrite reductases in the cells. When 10 mM-glutamate was included with 5 mM-nitrate at 2% (v/v) O, washed cells from these cultures had less nitrate and nitrite reductase activities and when NO was supplied to these cells there was a transient accumulation of NO (1 h) prior to maximum denitrification. Washed cells prepared from cultures grown at 2% (v/v) O with glutamate alone utilized NO , only after a lag period of 20-40 h, assimilation by (60%) and denitrification (40%).


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