SUMMARY: Growth Characteristics Of And , Two Fungi Isolated From Dried Salt Fish, Were Examined At 20, 30, 34 And 37°C Over A Range Of Water Activity (A) Values (0.99-0.70) On Media Containing Various Concentrations Of Nacl Or Glucose/Fructose. At High Aw Growth Of Was Similar On Media Containing Either Solute, But Below 0.90 A Growth Was More Rapid On Nacl Media, Indicating That Can Be Classified As A Halophilic Fungus. The Minimum A For Growth On Nac1-Based Media Was 0.746; On Glucose/Fructose Media The Minimum Was 0.700 A. Optimal Growth, I.E. Growth At 80% Or More Of The Maximum Growth, Occurred Between 0.96 And 0.91 A at 30°C. Over the wide range of temperatures studied, exhibited more rapid growth on NaCl media than on glucose/fructose media over the entire range of a at which growth occurred. The optimal growth rate on NaCl- based media occurred between 0.89 and 0.86 a, an exceptionally low value. can be classified as an extreme halophile, markedly intolerant of high a, particularly on glucose/fructose-based media at temperatures above 30°C.


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