SUMMARY: Carbon from glycerol and palmitate, but not significantly from five other carbon sources tested, was incorporated into lipids by suspensions of non-growing organisms. However, of the five other substrates three - citrate, glucose and pyruvate – were taken up. Non-growing and incorporated carbon into lipids from most simple carbon sources tested unless they were obtained from growth media including palmitate or from experimentally infected animals, when incorporation of carbon into lipids from carbon sources except palmitate occurred up to 20 times more slowly. Thus, utilization of simple carbon appeared to be repressible while utilization of the one fatty acid tested, palmitate, appeared constitutive. In , carbon from glycerol was incorporated into the glycerol moiety of acylglycerols but not into the fatty acid moieties or into free fatty acids. and incorporated carbon from simple carbon sources into fatty acids, even (though very slowly) when these organisms were obtained from host tissue. Isocitrate lyase, malate synthase and acetate kinase were detected in . However acetyl-CoA synthetase was not detectable and phosphoacetylase was deficient; thus, may be incapable of making acetyl-CoA from acetate. Phosphotransacetylase was readily detected in both host-grown and .


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