Summary: Survival rates of in rabbit serum after culture for 1 h at 37 °C were compared between a wild-type strain (5240) carrying a 50 MDa plasmid, a plasmid-cured strain (C524), and a cured strain containing the 50 MDa plasmid tagged with Tn (5241). Strain C524 was more susceptible to the bactericidal activity of normal serum than its parent strain 5240 (percentage survival < 1 % and 52.5 ± 9.2%, respectively). On the other hand, the percentage survival of strain 5241 was significantly increased (90.4 ± 4.0%), indicating that the reintroduction of the plasmid into the cured strain restored the serum resistance. Moreover, this change in the serum resistance properties correlated with changes in the neutral sugar composition of the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of these strains, suggesting that the 50 MDa plasmid is necessary for O-side chain expression in the LPS of


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