Summary: A chromosomal DNA fragment from , encoding a thiol-dependent haemolytic product known as alveolysin ( 60000, pI 5.0) was cloned in SK1592, using pBR322 as the vector plasmid. Only a single haemolysin-positive clone was identified, by testing for haemolysis on blood agar plates. The haemolytic material was associated with the host bacterial cell. It was released by ultrasonic disruption and purified 267-fold. A 64kDa polypeptide of pI 8.2 cofractionated with haemolytic activity during gel filtration chromatography and isoelectric focusing. It behaved identically to alveolysin in its activation by thiols, inactivation by thiol group reagents, inhibition by cholesterol, and neutralization, immunoprecipitation and immunoblotting by immune sera raised against alveolysin and streptolysin O.


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