Summary: A bacteriophage, designated ϕC69, isolated from a culture of was characterized. The phage propagates on NRRL 2338 but does not infect 10 or 3 species tested. It infects NRRL 2359 but does not produce infectious phage particles in this host. ϕC69 is approximately 40 kb in length and contains cohesive ends. A fragment containing ligated phage DNA ends was cloned in Restriction maps of the phage DNA and the fragment for several enzymes are shown. Transfection of both and with ϕC69 resulted in approximately equal titres of infectious phage particles produced from approximately the same number of regenerating cells. Transfection of with DNA from phages SH10 and KC404 also resulted in the production of infectious phage particles. The basis for differences among hosts in susceptibility to infection by various actinophages is discussed.


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