Summary: The alkali-insoluble glucan was isolated from regenerating spheroplasts and intact cells of Sequential enzymic hydrolysis of this fraction by Zymolyase 100T and purified chitinase and subsequent gel filtration produced a fraction which was enriched in glycosaminoglycans. This fraction was analysed by partial acid hydrolysis, TLC and GLC-MS. The GLC-MS peaks identified included 2,3,4,6-tetra--methylglucitol acetate and 2,3,4-tri--methylglucitol acetate of β-1,6-glucan and the 3,6-di--methyl-2--methylglucosaminitol acetate of chitin. In addition, 3--methyl-2--methylglucosaminitol acetate was identified, which indicated a branch point in chitin. These data provide evidence for a covalent linkage between chitin and β-(1,6)-glucan through a glycosidic linkage at position 6 of -acetylglucosamine and position 1 of the glucose in the glucan.


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