Summary: A 2.8 kb I fragment of 168W DNA has been cloned into HB101 and AG5 using pAC3 as a shuttle plasmid. The new plasmid (pBRG1), of 10.2 kb, complemented mutations which show reduced production of autolysin(s), filamentation and non-motility (deficiency of flagella). Deletion experiments showed that the suppressive gene is located between the dIII and I sites (1.0 kb apart) in pBRG1. The integration of a plasmid having chloramphenicol resistance closely linked to the gene into the AC703 chromosome and its genetic analysis indicated that the cloned fragment contained the gene itself. A high-copy-number plasmid carrying the cloned gene did not lead to an increase in autolysin production above the wild-type level, but it changed the colony morphology from smooth to rough. Among several autolysin-deficient mutations, was suppressed only by the high-copy-number plasmid carrying the cloned gene.


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