Summary: Addition of choline to growing led to abnormal cell septation, lack of cell separation and the consequent formation of chains. Similar results were obtained with the wild-type strain N1-4 and its autolysin-deficient mutant N1-4081. With strain N1-4, addition of choline at 1 to 2 mg ml resulted in inhibition of autolysis assessed as autoplast formation in 0.6 -sucrose, lysis by 0.3 -NaCl/0.03 -sodium citrate, lysis by 0.1% Triton X-100 and lysis by penicillin G. data confirmed the inhibition by choline of wall-degrading activity, using N1-4 cell walls as substrate. Choline was shown to be a component of the teichoic acid of N1-4.


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