SUMMARY: A 7500 bp I restriction fragment of chromosomal DNA from containing a 23S rRNA gene was cloned in vector pHE3 in RR 28 (the recombinant plasmid was designated pAR1). A recombinant phage (pAR5) hybridizing to all eubacteria tested was constructed by shotgun subcloning of the I fragment in phage M13mp8. Further subcloning of the fragments of the 23S rRNA gene in the vectors pTZ18R and pTZ19R using selected restriction sites of the gene enabled us to select cloned fragments of the 23S rRNA gene representing different specificities. Probes specific for (pAR28), for the group (pAR27), for eubacteria (pAR5), and for the detection of eu- and archaebacteria (the so-called universal probe pAR17) were constructed. The specificity of each probe was analysed by dot hybridization to the chromosomal DNAs of representatives of most of the main phyla of eu- and archaebacteria.


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