SUMMARY: The subcellular location of LamB-LacZ hybrid proteins in the K12 strains pop3234 and pop3299 was investigated by immunocytochemical detection and protease-accessibility experiments. Induction of the synthesis of the hybrid proteins resulted in the appearance of membrane-like structures within the cytoplasm of the cells. Labelling of ultrathin cryosections of the cells with anti-β-galactosidase or anti-LamB protein serum and protein-A-gold complexes revealed that the hybrid proteins were associated with these membrane-like structures or accumulated within the cytoplasm. Protease-accessibility experiments confirmed this localization. Moreover, when low quantities of hybrid proteins were produced, i.e. in uninduced pop3234 cells or in induced pop3299 cells, the hybrid proteins were accessible to trypsin from the periplasmic side of the inner membrane, leaving protected fragments with an apparent of 83000. Apparently, these hybrid proteins are partly translocated through the inner membrane, resulting in membrane-spanning forms of the proteins.


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