SUMMARY: Various mutants () of PAO 2302 that lacked extracellular lipase activity were isolated. They were selected on a calcium-triolein agar. The phenotypic characteristics of two of these mutants suggested that they were defective in the gene coding for lipase: both mutants produced no lipase in liquid- and on solid medium. They were non-pleiotropic with regard to various other exoproducts. None of the mutants released any putatively cell-bound lipase after treatment of cells with Triton X-100 or alginate. The electrophoretic protein- and LPS-profiles of outer membranes derived from mutants and the parental strain were identical. The locus was mapped on the chromosome of PAO 1 by FP5- and R68.45-mediated crossings and by transduction with phage G101. The locus was cotransduced with only (60%) indicating a map position at about 57 min. The lipase gene was cloned on a 3.1 kb I fragment using vector pKT248. The newly constructed plasmid was able to complement the lipase deficiency of the two mutants of


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