SUMMARY: A large number of quinic acid non-utilizing mutants of deficient in the induction of all three quinic acid specific enzymes have been analysed. One class, the mutants, are all recessive and are non-inducible at pH 6.5 due to inferred deficiency in a quinate ion permease. Two regulatory genes have been identified. The gene encodes an activator protein since most mutants are recessive and non-inducible although a few fully dominant mutants have been found. The gene encodes a repressor protein since recessive mutations are constitutive for all three enzyme activities. Rare dominant non-inducible mutants which revert readily to yield a high proportion of constitutive strains are inferred to be mutants defective in binding the inducer. The gene cluster has been mapped in the right arm of chromosome VIII in the order: centromere - >50 map units - — 12 map units — (dehydratase) — 0.8 map units — (permease), (dehydrogenase), (dehydroquinase), (activator) — 4.4 map units — (repressor) — 20 map units — This organization differs from that of the gene cluster in , particularly in the displacement of and


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