SUMMARY: A collection of 30 independently isolated strains of was screened for the presence of temperate bacteriophages. Two strains were found to harbour phages. The newly isolated phages differ in several respects from the 43 previously isolated phages for Both phages are polyhedral, approximately 60 nm in diameter, and have no apparent tail structure. They are chloroform sensitive, and plaque formation is inhibited by agar. Both are capable of establishing a stable association with host cells. Twenty-nine of the 30 strains produced diffusible substances that specifically inhibited the growth of other strains or closely related species and that could not be propagated. These substances appear to be bacteriocins, some of which, like bacteriophages, are active only against motile cells, while others inhibit nonmotile as well as motile cells. One of each of these two types of bacteriocins was partially characterized and both were found to be proteinaceous in nature and bactericidal in effect.


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