Summary: The changes in morphology and viability of 20 species of fungi during freezing were examined in relation to cooling rate and the presence of glycerol. All of the hyphomycetes examined, the ascomycete , the zygomycete , and the basidiomycete , survived freezing and thawing in the absence of glycerol. Cryomicroscopy demonstrated that for these fungi the formation of intracellular ice at rapid rates of cooling was not lethal. Isolates from the oomycetes and some basidiomycetes required glycerol for survival. The morphological response of , and differed from other genera, with shrinkage occurring at all rates of cooling. The conventionally employed cooling rate for the cryopreservation of fungi, 1 °C min, was found not to be optimal for all of the strains studied. recovered best after cooling at 0.5 °C min followed by rapid thawing, and all the oomycetes examined gave highest recovery after cooling at rates between 5 and 10 °C min followed by rapid thawing.


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