Summary: β-Ketoadipate elicits expression of five structural genes encoding enzymes that catalyse consecutive reactions in the utilization of protocatechuate by Three derivatives of PRS2000 were obtained, each carrying a single copy of Tn DNA inserted into a separate region of the genome and preventing expression of different sets of genes. Selection of Tn in or near the genes in these derivatives was used to clone four structural genes and to enable their expression as inserts in pUC19 carried in Three of the genes were clustered as components of an apparent operon in the order This observation indicates that rearrangement of the closely linked genes accompanied divergence of their evolutionary homologues, which are known to appear in the order in the gene cluster. Additional evidence for genetic reorganization during evolutionary divergence emerged from the demonstration that the gene lies more than 15 kilobase pairs (kbp) away from the operon. An additional gene, , was shown to be required for expression of the structural genes in response to β-ketoadipate. The regulatory gene is located about 15 kbp upstream from the operon.


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