Summary: The regulated pathway operon for the catabolism of salicylate on the naphthalene plasmid pWW60-22 was cloned into the broad-host-range vector pKT230 on a 17.5 kbp HI fragment. The recombinant plasmid conferred the ability to grow on salicylate when mobilized into plasmid-free PaW130. A detailed restriction map of the insert was derived and the locations of some of the genes were determined by subcloning and assaying for their gene products in and hosts. The existence of a regulatory gene was demonstrated by the induction of enzyme activities in the presence of salicylate. DNA-DNA hybridization indicated a high degree of structural homology between the pWW60-22 operon and the analogous pathway operon on TOL plasmid pWW53-4. The data are consistent with the structural genes being arranged in an identical linear array and suggest an evolutionary link between the two catabolic systems.


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