SUMMARY: The presence of circulating antibodies in the sera of patients infected with either or , and in the sera of BALB/c mice chronically infected with , was determined by ELISA. High levels of antibody to dermatophyte cytoplasmic antigens were detected both in infected humans and in mice. Partial inhibition of this reaction was observed by pretreatment of the sera with the hapten phosphorylcholine (PC). Moreover, antibodies were shown to have some reactivity with PC when tested by ELISA against PC conjugated to bovine serum albumin. Significant levels of circulating antigen were detected in patients with and infections, but not in uninfected subjects, by an immunoradiometric assay using a monoclonal antibody, Tq-1, which reacts with the PC-like epitopes of dermatophytes. It is possible that this dermatophyte antigen may play a role in modulating the cell-mediated immune responses, which would appear to be defective in most patients with these chronic forms of dermatophytosis.


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